Spiralian EvoDevo group

Spiralian EvoDevo group

My lab focusses on evolutionary developmental research on diverse and phylogenetically informative spiralian taxa such as chaetognaths, entoprocts, and mollusks.  We are interested how body plans and their constituent cell types develop and function in this fascinating group of bilaterian animals. Our data help to infer how bilaterian body plans and cell types evolved.
We keep life animals in the Aqualab at the UBB and collect animals regularly off the Atlantic and Mediterranean Coast. In the lab, developmental stages of diverse species are obtained and analyzed using genomic, transcriptomic, and proteomic approaches. We apply a range of techniques such as single-cell/ nuclei sequencing, microinjection, in situ hybridization, immunochemistry, proteomics, and histology. In addition, in silico bioinformatics approaches as well as diverse software facilitate the analysis of confocal microscopic and histological images stacks.
I lecture the “Introductory lecture into techniques of Evo-Devo” series (WS-300175) and teach the hands-on course in the lab “Introductory course on animal gene expression” (300127).
Drop me a line or talk to me in person (room 4.046) if you are interested in a project! 

Scientific staff

Tim Wollesen



PhD Students

Cristian Camilo Barrera Grijalba
Alice Frisinghelli
June Feliciano Fronda Ordonez

MSc Students

Kathrin Lunzer
Seyedeh Saghar Sadraei