Unit for Integrative Zoology

Teaching and research in our group spans across a wide range of animals including vertebrates, arthropods, and lophotrochozoans. These are analyzed using various morphological and molecular methods, including immunolabeling, advanced light and confocal microscopy, 3D reconstruction, high speed video analysis, electron microscopy, and gene expression studies. The data generated are used in integrative and comparative approaches to elucidate body plan evolution, development, functional morphology, ecomorphology and phylogeny of non-model organisms.

New publications


New Paper in Journal of Zoology

In search of the glow—Three-dimensional reconstruction of Latia neritoides with specific focus on the mantel cavity (Mollusca; Gastropoda;...


New paper in Ichtyological Exploration of Freshwaters

Decline in abundance and distribution of Limbochromis robertsi (Teleostei: Cichlidae), an endangered cichlid fish endemic to Gahna, West Africa


New paper in Entomologica Austriaca

Functional morphology of the proboscis of the fly Prosena siberita


Hannes F. Paulus - a versatile biologist celebrates his 80th birthday


New paper in Frontiers of Zoology

Rediscovering the unusual, solitary bryozoan Monobryozoon ambulans Remane, 1936: first molecular and new morphological data clarify its phylogenetic...


New paper in Marine Biodiversity

The first deep-sea ctenostome bryozoan from the Indian Ocean: Aethozoon flavum sp. nov..


New paper in Zoologigal Letters

Deep-sea ctenostome bryozoans: revision of the family Pachyzoidae, with description of a new genus and three new species from Zealandia.


New paper in Journal of Morphology

Morphology of ctenostome bryozoans: 7. Hislopia, Echinella and Timwoodiellina


New paper in Nature, Ecology & Evolution

Monitoring of species’ genetic diversity in Europe varies greatly and overlooks potential climate change impacts



Milica Djokic

Diversity of cheilostome Bryozoa in three Arctic seamounts: Vesteris, Boyd and Southern Seamount.


Anna-Chiara Barta

DNA Barcoding of Terrestrial Isopods in Austria Integrating Museum Specimens