MSc students

Klara Amplatz BSc
Tyrosinated tubulin and serotonin immunoreactive components in neurogenesis of the upside down jellyfish Cassiopea xamachana 
Advisor: Andreas Wanninger

Anna-Chiara Barta BSc

DNA barcoding of Austrian terrestrial Isopoda integrating historic museum material
Advisor: Luise Kruckenhauser

Markus Delitz BSc

Duplicate control regions in avian mitochondrial genomes
Advisor: Elisabeth Haring

Milica Djokic, BSc
Bryozoan biodiversity of Vesteris seamount.
Advisor: Thomas Schwaha

room: 4.040

Stefanie Gruber BEd
Thoraxtemperatur bei Tagfaltern
Advisor: Harald Krenn

David Koller BSc
Gene Expression in Cephalopod Eyes
Advisor: Tim Wollesen

Mag. Philipp Maier
Morphology of the proboscis of Manduca sexta
Advisor: Harald Krenn

Christina Proßegger BSc
Mosquitoes in Austria - Ovitrap-Monitoring and Barcoding (2021) 
Advisor: Harald Krenn


Antonia Mandl BSc

Species Determination using DNA-Barcoding in Spiders from Cambodian Wet Markets
Advisor: Elisabeth Haring

Foto ©A.Sommerfeld

Mario Oswald BSc
A sample-based survey about the biomass of insects and biodiversity in grass clippings of agriculturally used meadows.
Advisor: Harald Krenn

room: 4.040

Laura Plazer BSc

In situ mini barcode sequencing and snip typing in cheetas using Oxford nanopore technologies (MinION).
Advisor: Elisabeth Haring

Simone Raus BSc
Reproduction biology of trochid gastropods.
Advisor: Gerhard Steiner

Bianca Sandgruber BSc
Schalenmorphologie bei Scaphopoda (Mollusca)
Advisor: Gerhard Steiner

Seyedeh Saghar Sadraei BSc
The expression of anterior nervous system markers in the chaetognath Spadella cephaloptera
Advisor: Tim Wollesen

Thomas Starkmann BSc
The Swifts in Vienna.
Advisor: Harald Krenn

Simon Züger BSc
Functional morphology of maxillipeds of Chilopoda
Advisors: Harald Krenn, Andy Sombke



Tabea Kinigadner BSc
Cranial kinesis of the leopard gecko Eublepharis macularius
Advisor: Patrick Lemell

Master's Defensio - Monday, January 30th 2023, 11:30 am CET (SR 1.2, UBB)

Stephan Barton BSc
The proboscis morphology of frog-biting midges (Corethrellidae)
Advisor: Harald Krenn

Master's Defensio - Friday, November 25th 2022, 12:00 am CET (SR 1.8 in the UBB)

Iulia Barutia BSc
Building legs: a morphological investigation of leg development and regeneration in post-embryonic stages of Scutigera coleoptrata (Chilopoda)
Advisor: Thomas Schwaha

Master's Defensio - Wednesday, November 23rd 2022, 11:30 am CET (SR 1.3, UBB)

Min Chai BSc

Phylogenetic relationships of the goshawk  Accipiter [gentilis] superspecies
Advisor: Elisabeth Haring

Master's Defensio - Friday, October 28th 2022

Nikolaus Helmer BSc
Multigene approach on the Phylogeny of Scaphopoda (Mollusca)
Advisor: Gerhard Steiner

Master's Defensio - Tuesday, April 25th 2022, 15:00 (SR 1.2 in the UBB)

Anna Ennsgraber BEd
Funktionsmorphologische Untersuchung der Mundwerkzeuge von Colletes cunicularius (Apoidea, Hymenoptera)
Advisor: Harald Krenn

Master's Defensio - Monday, March 21st 2022