Julian Bibermair MSc
The embryonic development of the phylactolaemate bryozoan Plumatella casmiana.
Advisor: Thomas Schwaha

Master's Defensio - Wednesday, January 29th 2020

Karoline Bürger MSc
Population Structure and Activity Pattern in a Dalmatian Tortoise (Testudo hermanni hercegovinensis) Population
Advisor: Walter Hödl

Master's Defensio - Monday, April 12th 2021

Sarah Chaloupka MSc
Is there personality in Allobates femoralis.
Advisors: Walter Hödl, Eva Ringler

Master's Defensio - Wednesday, April 22nd 2020

Mag. Patrick Fahser
Lucanus cervus in Vorarlberg: distribution and development of a Citizen Science Project.
Advisors: Günther Pass

Diplomprüfung - Friday, March 13th 2020

Katharina Frick MEd
Zoological identification courses at university: modified teaching design enhances learning success of student teachers
Advisors: Harald Krenn, Barbara-Amina Gereben-Krenn

Master's Defensio - Thursday, April 29th 2021

Mag. Simone Jaritz
Biologische Phänomene im den Marchauen - Freilanddidaktische Informationstafeln.
Advisor: Walter Hödl

Diplomprüfung - Thursday, April 16th 2020

Sandra Kirchner PhD
u:docs stipendiat

Shedding light on the evolution of an enigmatic fish. Comparative analyses of cavernicolous and surface-dwelling populations of Garra barreimiae.
Advisors: Harald Krenn, Luise Kruckenhauser (NHM)

PhD Defensio - Thursday, June 18th

Mag. Lisa Liska
Verbreitung und Ökologie der beiden nah verwandten Orthopteren-Arten Barbitistes constrictus und Barbitistes serricauda im Kamptal, NÖ (Orthoptera: Phaneropteridae).
Advisors: Harald Krenn, Barbara-Amina Gereben-Krenn

Diplomprüfung - Friday, March 13th 2020

Andreas Löscher MSc
Comparative analysis of the male reproductive system in whip spiders.
Advisors: Harald Krenn, Michael Seiter & Thomas Schwaha

Master's Defensio - Thursday, February 18th 2021

Oliver Macek MSc
Integrative taxonomy: optimized DNA-Barcoding-protocol improves species identification in Central European pill millipedes (Glomerida)
Advisor: Günther Pass

Master's Defensio - Monday, December 7th 2020

Jakob Prömer, MSc
The nervous system of cheilostome byrozoans
Advisors: Thomas Schwaha, Andy Sombke

Master's Defensio- Wednesday,  March 25th 2020

Mag. Franziska Puhm
Tagfalter-Monitoring in Wien 2018.
Advisors: Harald Krenn, Barbara-Amina Gereben-Krenn

Diplomprüfung - Thursday, July 30th

Mag. Lisa Reiss
Verbreitung und Ökologie der Nadelholz-Säbelschrecke Barbitistes constrictus im laubholzdominierten Nationalpark Thayatal, NÖ (Orthoptera: Phaneropteridae) Advisors: Harald Krenn, Barbara-Amina Gereben-Krenn

Diplomprüfung - Friday, March 13th 2020

Attila Sachslehner MSc
Expression of HES and Mox genes in a polyplacophoran mollusc: New insights into genetic regulation of molluscan mesoderm development.
Advisor: Andreas Wanninger

Master's Defensio - Wednesday, May 27th 2020

Stephan Schulreich BSc
Mesoderm and muscle formation in the quagga mussel, Dreissena rostriformis (Deshayes, 1838)
Advisor: Andreas Wanninger

Master's Defensio - Tuesday, March 23rd 2021

Mag. Silvia Steiner
Butterfly monitoring in Vienna.
Advisor: Harald Krenn

Diplomprüfung - Thursday, September 15th 2020

Mag. Christine Szumovski
Advisor: Harald Krenn

Diplomprüfung - Wednesday, 25th March 2020

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