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Cruise Report HHUMTL22

HHUMTL22 - The Arctic University Museum of Norway, R/V «Helmer Hanssen» Tromsø–Longyearbyen, August 22–29, 2022.

Wernström JV, Hembrom AA, Hansen CS, Holovachov O, Brenneis G, Zieger E, Wanninger A & Altenburger A. 2022.
Septentrio Reports 1 (2022),, v2 . Link. Published online 21 September 2022


The HHUMTL22 cruise onboard R/V Helmer Hanssen was an initiative by The Arctic University Museum of Norway (UMAK) aimed at sampling marine fauna for the museum collections and various research projects undertaken at the museum. Researchers from the Swedish Museum of Natural History and the Department of Evolutionary Biology at the University of Vienna also participated in the cruise. Cruise leader was Andreas Altenburger (UMAK).