New paper in Journal of European Orchids


Ophrys eretriae, a new species of the Ophrys mammosa complex of the island of Euboea (Greece)

Hirth M & Paulus HF
J. Eur. Orch. 54 (1): 127-150


A new Ophrys species is described from Euboea (Evia), where it is rather common in the middle part of the island. It resembles in general O. mammosa, but is smaller, is flowering later and has some features of its own. The pollinator is Andrena fuscosa, which is pollinating as well O. doerfleri on Crete and O. adonidis in Israel, but not the typical O. mammosa which is pollinated by A. morio. The relation to these other species of the mammosa group is discussed.

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