New article in Schriften zur Verbreitung naturwissenschaftlicher Kenntnisse


Der erste meeresbiologische Kurs des Institutes für Zoologie der Universität Wien in Rovinj (Kroatien)

Walzl M & Engelberger S. 2024
Schriften des Vereins zur Verbreitung naturwissenschaftlicher Kenntnisse 158–159 (2024): 43–52


Exactly 70 years ago, the first marine biology course was organized by the Institute of Zoology of the University of Vienna at the Marine Biology Institute in Rovinj (at that time Yugoslavia). Detailed notes by A. Strenger show the difficulties the course faced in 1953, so soon after the Second World War. As this course has not been listed in the course catalog of the University of Vienna, we present the protocol and a selection of the pictures taken at the time and discuss the course schedule.