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Departmental Seminar Integrative Zoology

300142 SE Zoology and Evolution
Seminar for Master- and PhD Students (2019W)

Tuesdays, 10-11:30 hrs, Seminarraum 3


Programme Winter Term 2019

October 8 Christian Griebler
  Carbon cycling in groundwater ecosystems - controls and limitations
October 15 Hannes Paulus
  A journey to the Mountain Gorillas in Uganda
October 22 Andrey Ostrovsky
  Symbiotic relationships between bacteria and Bryozoa: things are more complex than we thought
October 29 Attila Sachslehner
  Expression of mesodermal marker genes in a polyplacophoran mollusk
November 5 Gonzalo Giribet
  An obsession with the Animal Tree of Life: Current views, progress and limitations
November 12 Andreas Wanninger
  General information
November 19 Katya Stansfield
  Towards understanding the biomechanics of mastication in hunter-gatherers:
A geometric morphometric study of FEA sensitivity
November 26 Martin Schwentner
  Diversity and dispersal of Crustacea - Examples from the Australian outback to the deep sea
December 3 Susanne Affenzeller
  Pigments, Colours and Patterns – The contribution of eumelanin and pheomelanin
to molluscan shell ornamentation with a special focus on the terrestrial snail Cepaea nemoralis
December 10 Philipp Pröts
  The pharynx in Stilbonematinae (Nematoda): Adaptation to the symbiotic life-style?
  Jakob Prömer
  The nervous system of cheilostome bryozoans
December 17 Christian Schano
  Breeding Ecology and Population Dynamics of a High Alpine Bird Specialist
January 7 Andreas Wanninger
  General information
  Silvia Steiner
  Butterfly monitoring in Vienna 2019 - CANCELLED!
January 14 Livia Rudoll
  Lab safety
January 21 Zita Roithmair
  Evolution of sexual dimorphic characters in lithobiomorph centipedes ultimate legs
(Myriapoda, Chilopoda, Lithobiomorpha)
  Willy De Mattia
January 28 Nikolaus Helmer
  More leaves on the phylogenetic tree of Scaphopoda (Mollusca)
  Şahika Emir-Soytürk
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